SpaceX now offers Starlink for RVs for remote travels

SpaceX now offers Starlink for RVS, connecting customers traveling to remote locations in quite a few areas around the world. 

“Starlink now available for RVs, campers & other large vehicles users (note antenna too big for cars),” tweeted Elon Musk recently.

Starlink for RVs will provide high-speed, low latency internet in areas marked “Available” onb its map. In regions on the “Waitlist,” SpaceX explains that users will experience a notably slower speed during peak hours. 

SpaceX also states Starlink for RVs is not designed for use while in motion. The service is billed in one-month increments so customers can customize their Starlink for RVs service, depending on their needs.


The service covers the majority of the United States. Parts of the Midwest and the South are on the waitlist for the Starlink service. For instance, states like Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee still have little to no Starlink for RVs coverage. 

In Canada, Starlink for RVs is available in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Manitoba, and Newfoundland and Labrador. SpaceX brought the service to a few areas in South America, including Rio De Janeiro and its surrounding areas in Brazil and parts of Chile.

SpaceX for RVs is available in France, Germany, Spain, and most of the United Kingdom in Europe. Scotland still has some parts on the waiting list. The service also fully covers Denmark, Romania, Italy, and Lithuania. Ukraine is listed on the waiting list. Starlink’s helpful service in Ukraine is well known. Starlink for RVs may prove even more useful during the war.

In Australia, Starlink for RVs is available in South Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania. All of New Zealand is covered by the service except for small parts of Auckland, which are still on the waiting list.

Most Asian countries are still on the waiting list for Starlink for RVs, including Japan, the Philippines, and India.

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