Rivian promotes its highly-trained support team for roadside or service help

Rivian recently highlighted the advantages of its 24/7 Live Chat feature for owners of the R1T and R1S. According to the electric truck maker, owners of its vehicles could be assured that they are assisted by a highly-trained human when they need service and roadside help. 

“There’s a friendly (human) Rivian employee behind every customer conversation, including the new 24/7 Live Chat feature in our mobile app that connects owners to our highly-trained customer support team for roadside or service help,” Rivian wrote on Twitter. 

Rivian included a short video of its Live Chat feature in action, showing that the responses of its service team are dedicated to the specific needs of customers. Rivian’s post was appreciated by electric vehicle enthusiasts on Twitter, with users acknowledging the company’s efforts to ensure that its customers are supported as needed. 

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe also shared a short video of several Rivian mobile service vans being prepared for deployment. Considering that the vehicles are not painted blue like the service vans for Amazon, the vans in Scaringe’s video may be allotted for Rivian itself. Previous images of Rivian’s own service vans have shown the vehicles painted white, similar to the fleet in the CEO’s short video. 

While Rivian is still a young automaker, its focus on ensuring that its customers are well-supported is impressive. Even more experienced electric car makers like Tesla face immense challenges with service once their fleet grows to an immense size. With this in mind, it appears that Rivian is at least on the right track with its focus on human-powered interactions for its roadside and service teams

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