Tesla holds Family Day for Giga Berlin employees

Just like fellow Silicon Valley companies, Elon Musk’s ventures, such as Tesla and SpaceX, are known for their “work hard, play hard” culture. Long hours and sleepless nights are pretty much expected, but employees can also expect Musk to throw large, fun parties for them and their families.

A former SpaceX test engineer even informed WIRED that Elon Musk once converted the SpaceX factory floor into a full-blown carnival for a party. And in 2016, Musk rented out a whole stadium for a simple “Tesla Party” to thank employees for making Tesla profitable.

With this in mind, it is no surprise to see Tesla Europe holding a grand “Family Day” party at Gigafactory Berlin for the facility’s employees and their families. Images shared online showed that the event was exclusively for Giga Berlin employees and their families. It also involved tours through the facility’s production line. Reports from EV community members in the area noted that an evening party was held as well.

Scenes from the Family Day celebration were highlighted by Tesla Europe in a Twitter post. The video showcased several compelling events prepared by Tesla for the Family Day attendees, ranging from factory tours through the Model Y production line to dedicated areas for kids, including a test track for child-sized Teslas. Overall, the Giga Berlin Family Day seemed to be a lot of fun and an excellent way for the company to show its appreciation to its employees.

Gigafactory Berlin plays a crucial role in Tesla’s operations today as the facility responsible for producing the Model Y crossover and bringing Tesla’s most popular vehicle to markets in Europe and beyond. The facility is also unique among Tesla’s factories as it features a paint shop capable of producing special paint colors such as Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red.

Watch the video below to see highlights from Giga Berlin’s Family Day.

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