Prince Charles visits hospital in Tesla Model S, highlighting his stance for sustainability

Prince Charles paid a visit to his father behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S, the Duke of Edinburgh, who had been in the hospital for a couple of days. In a Tesla Model S, Prince Charles drove himself to the hospital, highlighting his adamant stance for a sustainable future.

A variety of sustainability programs have been initiated by Prince Charles over the years, including the Sustainable Markets Initiative in 2019. The Terra Carta, described as an “Earth Charter that puts sustainability at the heart of the private sector.”

His Royal Highness believes that if the public and private sectors operate alongside civil society, a prosperous future can be achieved. Prince Charles requested businesses to commit $10 million to environmental investments during his speech at the One Planet Summit.

Companies such as Tesla seem to fit with the help of Prince Charles for a sustainable future, which may be why he was spotted on his way to visit his father, Prince Philip, driving a Model S. The most suitable green vehicle for royalty may be the Tesla Model S.

A map of the most sought-after luxury cars across the globe. The Tesla Model S is among the more prominent vehicles that made it on the list. (Credit:

The Tesla Model S beat legendary vehicles, including cars from bespoke automaker Rolls-Royce, which has been the Royal Family’s car of choice for decades, according to a report on the most-searched-for luxury cars worldwide. The research concluded that the most sought-after luxury car in 29 countries was the Tesla Model S.

The Bentley Continental GT took the title of most-searched-for luxury car in the United Kingdom, however. Prince Charles, in fact, could choose between a plethora of luxury cars in the nation.

Although, in terms of cars that fit his stance on sustainability, the best contenders in the UK would be the Jaguar I-PACE which is from a British brand, and the Tesla Model S. In 2018, the royal purchased an I-PACE and test-drove a Tesla Model S.

A photo of Prince Charles and Kimbal Musk standing in front of a Tesla Model S was taken back a few years ago when it was said that the royal was searching for electric vehicles to add to his collection. For some time now, Prince Charles has been slowly changing his personal car fleet to more sustainable cars.

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