Nine Tesla Cybertrucks seen at Giga Texas ahead of Q3 earnings call

Key Points

  • 🚗 Nine Tesla Cybertrucks were spotted in the outbound lot at Tesla’s Giga Texas in Austin, Texas, shortly before the automaker’s Q3 earnings call.
  • 📸 Drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer captured video footage of the Cybertrucks parked in the outbound parking lot, with eight covered and one uncovered.
  • 🌐 The sightings come amid anticipation for the initial deliveries of the highly anticipated Cybertruck, as Tesla has received over two million reservations for the electric pickup.
  • 📈 Tegtmeyer also noted fewer Model Y units in the factory’s outbound lot and ongoing developments at the End-of-Line (EOL) facility.
  • 📦 Tesla enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting updates on when the first Cybertruck deliveries will commence, but Tesla has not provided public updates on the delivery schedule.

More Tesla Cybertrucks have been spotted in the outbound lot at Tesla’s Austin, Texas Gigafactory, just a few days ahead of the automaker’s third-quarter earnings call.

Drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer captured video of nine Tesla Cybertrucks in the outbound lot at Giga Texas on Monday, as posted on X. The news comes just a few days before Tesla plans to hold its Q3 earnings call, scheduled for Wednesday, and as many await initial deliveries of the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

The photos show eight covered Cybertrucks with one uncovered, all parked in the company’s outbound parking lot. The Cybertrucks are pictured from three different angles in the photos, along with one shot from further away depicting the site’s entire outbound lot.

Tegtmeyer notes that there were fewer Model Y units at the factory’s outbound lot today, as can also be seen in the photos. He adds that the company’s temporary electrical switchyard appears to be decommissioning, along with continued growth at the End-of-Line (EOL) facility.

You can also watch Joe’s full drone video here, complete with shots of the Cybertruck and Model Y units in Tesla’s outbound Giga Texas lot and several other interesting details.

In the past several weeks, Tegtmeyer has also spotted a number of other Cybertruck-related events at Giga Texas, including what looked like a Model Y or Cybertruck battery pack delivery and Cybertruck crash testing, along with more CT units being spotted in the outbound lot.

The news comes as many wonder when Tesla will begin delivering the Cybertruck, with the reservation count having surpassed two million last month. Many have shared predictions as to when the first deliveries will start, though Tesla hasn’t publicly shared any updates for initial deliveries.

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