This new autonomous drone is the closest we have ever been to Robocop

BRINC Drones has revealed its all-new LEMUR 2 rescue and safety drone that, thanks to its autonomous functionality, is set to revolutionize its industry.

As quadcopter drone technology has vastly improved over the past ten years, its use within law enforcement and rescue settings has only increased. By using a drone, operators gain an extra pair of eyes and a full array of sensing equipment to aid in navigating and succeeding in the most challenging settings. Now, BRINC Drones has released its newest LEMUR 2 drone system that builds on those very needs.

The BRINC LEMUR 2 is an autonomous capable drone that can operate in various conditions, but its most impressive use case is indoors.

The LEMUR 2 is not only wholly autonomous, allowing it to search an entire building without needing a controller, but through its “10 system sensor array,” it navigates and maps out the building layout in real time. The next generation of the LEMUR drone is equipped with LiDAR, visual sensors, night vision, thermal imaging, microphone arrays, and more. With this amazing technology, the drone creates a complete 3D map of wherever it flies, giving an amazing level of information to first responders before entering in person.

Lastly, BRINC has designed the LEMUR 2 to be “mesh compatible,” meaning that it can work in a group of LEMUR drones to work more quickly and efficiently, splitting working areas into smaller chunks for each drone to search and record.

Blake Resnick, CEO of BRINC, told Teslarati, “Today marks the next step on BRINC’s journey to advance drone technology in the service of public safety. Our mission at BRINC is to revolutionize public safety by leveraging technology to de-escalate dangerous situations. Each drone deployed to a dangerous situation is one less individual in harm’s way and a potential life saved.”

BRINC Drones are certified to operate with federal government agencies in the United States and local law enforcement, where the LEMUR 2 hopes to help reduce wait times and be a part of a “de-escalation-first approach to public safety.” BRINC uses the example of being able to deploy drones in mere minutes, helping to monitor and attempt to de-escalate any situation while necessary law enforcement drives to the scene.

As drones become an increasingly more important part of safety and rescue teams, there is no doubt that BRINC and LEMUR drones will be critical to meeting that need. And with its incredible feature set, there is no doubt it could become an industry-defining product in the very near future.

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