Neuralink’s expansion begins with construction job opening in Austin, Texas

A job opening was posted by Elon Musk’s Neuralink to fill a “Head of Construction” position in Austin, Texas. The job listing comes amid updates that indicate that the different businesses of Elon Musk are looking to extend their activities to the Lone Star State.

Neuralink posted a job looking for a “Head of Construction” about a month ago. 

“The Head of Construction will work closely with members of the facilities and procurement departments and supervise all on-site construction including scheduling of trade contractors, utility, structure and vendor tool installations, resolving day to day construction issues, performing day to day inspections to ensure compliance with plans and specifications while tracking project schedule and budget,” the post said.

The location of Neuralink’s future construction site has not yet been determined, according to the Austin Business Journal. In the Austin area, there have been no property deeds linked to Neuralink. The new construction job listing, however, firmly indicates that Neuralink has a construction project in the works.

Musk invited interested applicants, including coders and engineers, to apply for the company during Neuralink’s Summer 2020 update in August, Bloomberg wrote. “You don’t need to have brain experience,” he said.

The company posted multiple job openings in September 2020, shortly after the Neuralink update, to fill three engineering vacancies and one accounting slot located in Austin. The positions suggested that an extension to Texas was being contemplated by Neuralink. Since then, these job listings have been deleted, indicating that the openings have been filled.

The potential expansion of Neuralink into Austin comes at a time when other Elon Musk-led businesses are looking to take root in Texas as well. Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory is in the midst of development, with Model Y manufacturing operations set to begin later this year. After capturing an industrial area in Pflugerville, the Boring Company may also have found a foothold in the Lone Star state. And SpaceX’s Starship facility still has its home in Texas, of course.

Last month, Elon Musk announced his move to Texas, explaining that much of his time between SpaceX and the development of Giga Texas was already spent in the Lone Star State. Musk would likely end up spending much more time in the state if the Boring Company and Neuralink both develop roots in Texas.

Check out a video of the Neuralink Summer 2020 update below.

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