More details revealed on Tesla’s Roadrunner secret battery production project

Tesla has officially recognized the Roadrunner project and shared more about the battery output status at Fremont.

Electrek exclusively unveiled Tesla’s underground “Roadrunner” project earlier this year, which consists of its in-house battery cell fabrication system designed to increase production volume and reduce costs.

Tesla has confirmed the project as they seek permission to construct a second floor at their “Tera battery manufacturing plant” in Fremont hosting the Roadrunner project.

They wrote in an application with the city of Fremont filed last quarter.

To accommodate new battery manufacturing equipment and R&D space (known as ROADRUNNER), the Project proposes to construct an additional floor area of approximately 21,485 square feet at the second floor (covering a portion of the central space that is open to the second floor roof — see Figure 4) and to add an additional, smaller approximately 8,260-square-foot third floor above (see Figure 5). These improvements will increase the total floor space of the existing Kato building by approximately 29,745 square feet (to a total of 156,057 square feet), but will not change the footprint of the building or its exterior facades (see Figure 6). No grading or excavation is necessary for these improvements, and nearly all construction work will be conducted internally within the existing building. The Project will also add a number of rooftop mechanical equipment (e.g., air handlers, HVAC systems and fans) that support the new battery manufacturing operations. Once this internal floor space is constructed, Tesla will move in the new equipment that supports its expanded battery manufacturing and R&D operations.

More details can be found here.

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