Mercedes EQS EV spotted benchmarking against Tesla Model S and 3

Mercedes-Benz was spotted testing their EQS long-range electric vehicle against Tesla’s iconic Model S, a vehicle that could have become the gold standard when it comes to benchmarking the electric car.

Equipped with a familiar camouflage cover to hide some of its exterior features, the EQS was spotted at the Mercedes Research and Development Center in Sindelfingen, Germany, with a Tesla Model 3 and Model S in tow. The research facility is situated outside Stuttgart, where the headquarters of both Mercedes and Porsche lie.

The Model 3 that entered the test facility was not a performance model, as calculated by the vehicle’s wheels, ride height, and trim. During the EQS review session Tesla’s flagship sedan, the Model S, was also benchmarked against Mercedes.

Design and Aesthetics

The EQS seen in the pictures appears to have broad and voluminous body dimensions that are reminiscent of the model Model S Plaid. The Tesla’s Plaid Mode Model S has been built for improved output with a wider body and three different motors. Nevertheless, it also featured a powerful air displacement rear diffuser and spoiler that enhanced the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

In the photos, the EQS shows no diffuser or rear spoiler.

Although somewhat reminiscent of other Mercedes-Benz models, the rounded edges of the EQS on the quarter panels give it a more sporty look than the 2021 S-Class 450 SE, which is much squared off at the vehicle’s corners.

Mercedes also says electric headlamps and an all-digital front grille will be available. The frame, dashboard, console and armrests will be seamlessly incorporated into a sleek and flexible design and the luxurious interior will be made from recycled materials to improve sustainability.

Performance and Other Features

In 2019, Mercedes unveiled the EQS and claimed that the car would earn about 470 horsepower from two electric motors. The German automaker predicts that the EQS will achieve 0-60 MPH in less than 4.5 seconds, and that based on the more relaxed WLTP specification it will have 435 miles of all-electric range.

It will also carry a 100 kWh battery that uses high-power DC Fast Charging to recharge from 0 per cent to 80 per cent in 20 minutes.

Mercedes has plans to use at least level 3 autonomy, but there is some suggestion that when the car is released, the German automaker will have to scrap those plans. Mercedes and BMW had a collaboration aimed at improving self-driving technology, but it was frozen because of the COVID-19 pandemic after a sharp drop in demand.

The EQS is Mercedes’ first of its all-new line of electric cars. The German automaker is doing what many other car companies in the same country are attempting to do: breakthrough Tesla’s expansive lead in EV tech by developing impressive sustainable models.

The EQS begins at $96,000 and is due to go on sale in 2021.

Reported by Teslarati.

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