German Government says Tesla Giga Berlin is a Role Model for Modern Day Construction

Construction of industrial facilities in Germany is typically a lengthy and extensive process. Often securing permits and dealing with the environmentalists and the public — in addition to the construction phase itself — can sometimes drag out over ten years. A good example of this is “Willy Brandt” Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which has been under construction for 14 years. In sharp contrast, with Tesla behind the wheel of Giga Berlin construction, there is virtually no speed limit.

The federal government and leading economic analysts in Brandenburg plan to follow Tesla’s example with other large-scale building projects. Thomas Bareiß, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics, indicated to Handelsblatt that the pace at which the California-based company is constructing its new plant should be looked at as a role model for large construction projects going forward.

“Tesla shows that it is possible when political will, as well as efficient and fast processing procedures in administration and courts, meet the will to implement in business and industry,” he said.

With its entry into the German automotive market, Tesla not only revolutionized the automotive industry, but also the approval procedures for industrial facilities.

Michael Hüther, Director of the German Economic Institute, speaks of a “signal effect.” Grünheide’s rapid success in construction is “a great example of how intelligent and early coordination after a fundamental decision can accelerate planning and implementation,” he said.

Industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer talks about Tesla Germany providing “development aid.” “Our suppliers are drawn along with the car manufacturers,” he said. The initiative is “a blessing for Germany,” and it would be a “huge embarrassment” to fail.

Building Giga Berlin charges on at a rapid pace. The basic structure has already been laid down, and on a daily basis, the gigafactory continues to take on more and more of a precise form.

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