Tesla primes Fremont for end of quarter sales blitz

Tesla is evidently preparing for its all-too-common end-of-quarter push at the Fremont Factory as Q1 comes to a close.

Tesla has routinely used the end of quarters to pack as many deliveries as it can to secure strong sales numbers. It has been a regular occurrence for years, and it is no different in 2023.

As the automaker prepares to secure its last deliveries before the end of the quarter, the Fremont Factory is abuzz with vehicles fresh off of production lines as Tesla prepares to begin pushing vehicles onto haulers and into customer driveways in an attempt to bring stronger numbers than usual.

A flyover from Met God in Wilderness, a Fremont Factory drone operator, shows the Fremont Factory is packed with vehicles that are ready for customer deliveries:

Tesla produces all four vehicles at the Fremont Factory, and is the only plant to produce the Model S and Model X, which recently started deliveries of a new color just a few days ago.

Several Model S and Model X vehicles sporting the new Ultra Red colorway can also be spotted in the lots and driving around the Fremont Test Track in the video.

Tesla is preparing to push these vehicles from these lots to delivery centers across the country. With just over two weeks left in the quarter, Tesla is on track to deliver perhaps its biggest Q1 in company history. It has been able to avoid production stoppages and major drama of any kind in Q1, which makes it indicative of the potential strength in terms of delivery numbers for the quarter.

In terms of delivery expectations, Tesla is expected to deliver 445,000 units, Barron’s reported using Wall Street forecasts. Tesla is expected to deliver 1.8 million vehicles in 2023 as a whole, but CEO Elon Musk said earlier this year the company could be closer to two million, if everything goes right:

“…our internal production potential is actually closer to 2 million vehicles, but we were saying 1.8 million because, I don’t know, there just always seems to be some freaking force majeure thing that happens somewhere on earth. And we don’t control if there’s like earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, pandemics, etc. So if it’s a smooth year, actually, without some big supply chain interruption or massive problem, we actually have the potential to do 2 million cars this year.”

The full video of the Fremont Factory preparing for the end-of-quarter blitz is available below:

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