Elon Musk expected to challenge Twitter board: “put on your track shoes now”

After news broke that Elon Musk would be joining Twitter’s Board of directors, the Tesla CEO promised to make “significant improvements” to the social media platform. Former Tesla board member, Steve Westly, advised Twitter executives to prepare to work at Elon Musk’s pace. 

“My advi[c]e to Twitter executives is to put on your track shoes now because Elon will push you to pick up the pace,” Westly told Bloomberg.

Musk’s promise for significant improvements was prefaced with a poll he tweeted, asking followers if they wanted a Twitter edit button. He tweeted the poll right after his 9.2% Twitter stake was announced to the public, suggesting that Musk is eager to make changes as fast as possible. 

“Here we are, day one into this, and he’s already saying, ‘Hey, maybe it’s time to get that edit function in there.’ I think he’s going to shake things up,” added the former Tesla board member. 

Long time Tesla bull Cathie Wood, from ARK Invest, echoed Westly’s words during her interview with the publication. Wood’s stated that Musk’s recent investment into Twitter was a “strong signal” to the social media company’s CEO Parag Agrawal. 

Westly described some of the possible interactions between Musk and Agrawal. “It’s not going to be quiet,” he said. The former Tesla employee noted that Musk could be “a bit temperamental and irascible.” Despite his cautionary advice to Twitter executives, however, Westly noted that Musk’s involvement would be a “big win for Twitter.”

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