Tesla Owners Share Reports of Upgraded Model 3 Deliveries

  • 🚗 Upgraded Tesla Model 3 deliveries have commenced, according to reports in the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum.
  • 📸 A TMC member in California, @SoCalDude, shared photos of a blue upgraded Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor AWD picked up recently.
  • 🔄 When asked about performance differences, @SoCalDude noted that the new Model 3 “feels more like the S on acceleration with a little less pull.”
  • 🎵 High praise for the upgraded Model 3’s ride quality and sound system, described as “crystal clear and a phenomenal bass” from Tidal’s lossless tracks.
  • 🌟 The upgraded Model 3 receives near-universal acclaim for substantial improvements in various aspects, from exterior panels to a revamped cabin.
  • 📅 Recent updates to Tesla’s order page indicate extended delivery dates, hinting at heightened attention for the upgraded Model 3.
  • 📅 Reservation holders report updated delivery dates, with some deliveries scheduled for late January, suggesting early customer deliveries.

In the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles, Tesla continues to lead the charge, and the recent reports of upgraded Tesla Model 3 deliveries mark a significant stride forward. Let’s delve into the details, explore the firsthand experiences of Tesla enthusiasts, and understand how these upgrades are shaping the landscape of electric driving.

A Glimpse into Upgraded Deliveries

The buzz surrounding upgraded Tesla Model 3 deliveries is not just hearsay; it’s a reality unfolding in the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum. Reports of the revamped Model 3 hitting the streets have sparked excitement among electric car enthusiasts, offering a preview of Tesla’s commitment to continuous improvement.

California Dreaming: @SoCalDude’s Model 3 Unveiled

@SoCalDude – a TMC member based in California – has taken the spotlight by sharing captivating photos of a blue upgraded Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD). These visuals not only provide a sneak peek into the aesthetic upgrades but also signify the tangible presence of enhanced Tesla vehicles on the roads.

Performance Redefined: Insights from @SoCalDude

When questioned about the performance disparities between the upgraded Model 3 and its predecessor, @SoCalDude offered valuable insights. According to this Tesla owner, the new Model 3 “feels more like the S on acceleration with a little less pull.” This subtle yet impactful enhancement in acceleration showcases Tesla’s commitment to refining the driving experience.

Harmony of Sound and Ride Quality

Beyond performance, the upgraded Model 3 has garnered applause for its ride quality and audio system. Described as “crystal clear with a phenomenal bass” when playing Tidal’s lossless tracks, the sound system elevates the overall driving experience. Combined with a ride quality comparable to or perhaps even surpassing the Model S sedan, the upgraded Model 3 is proving to be a holistic delight for its owners.

Aesthetic and Functional Overhaul

The near-universal acclaim for the upgraded Model 3 extends beyond its performance and audio enhancements. Tesla has meticulously worked on various aspects, from exterior panels to a fully revamped cabin. This comprehensive overhaul positions the Model 3 not just as a vehicle but as a testament to Tesla’s commitment to excellence.

Demand Surge and Extended Deliveries

As reports flood in about the upgraded Model 3 hitting the streets, Tesla’s official order page tells an intriguing tale. Recent updates indicate extended delivery dates, hinting at a surge in demand for this enhanced version. This surge, mirrored by reservation holders reporting updated delivery dates, underscores the heightened attention and anticipation surrounding the upgraded Model 3.

Early Deliveries: A Glimpse into January Joy

January has proven to be a month of joy for some reservation holders, with reports suggesting that deliveries are scheduled ahead of initial estimates. This early rollout further cements the positive reception and eagerness among customers to get behind the wheel of the upgraded Model 3.

In conclusion, the upgraded Tesla Model 3 is not just a vehicle; it’s a testament to Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. As the electric revolution gains momentum, these enhancements showcase how Tesla continues to redefine what’s possible in the world of sustainable transportation.

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