Elon Musk: Europe to get Starlink as early as February, more U.S. invites to follow

A lot more people will soon have access to the satellite-based broadband internet service Starlink from SpaceX.

The CEO of the company, Elon Musk, tweeted on Monday that “several thousand more Starlink beta participation invitations” are coming this week.

However, this is just for U.S. customers. But in response to a couple of other Twitter users’ inquiries, Musk said that Starlink could be available in Europe early next year.

“As soon as we get country approval. This is required for each country individually, as no EU-wide approval system exists. Probably start receiving final (there are many steps) approvals around Feb/March,” he tweeted.

Canada and Norway should be among the first countries to get Starlink after the U.S.; Musk said these two countries are next after the U.S. gets out of early beta. In India, regulatory approval might come “around middle of next year,” he added

As for when Starlink is coming to Florida, the issue there isn’t regulations but lower latitude.

Last week, SpaceX quietly launched Starlink’s early beta version. The “Better Than Nothing Beta” program costs $99 a month, plus an initial fee of $499 for the starter kit with the required equipment.

Currently, SpaceX has more than 800 Starlink satellites in orbit, but to be able to provide the service globally would take thousands more. In 2021, the company hopes to increase availability exponentially, eventually reaching much of the inhabited world.

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