Elon Musk Deliberates Fees for New X Users

  • 💬 Elon Musk discusses implementing fees for new users on the social media platform X.
  • 💰 New users in New Zealand and the Philippines are charged a small fee for actions like posting, replying, bookmarking, and liking on X.
  • 🔄 The fee policy aims to combat the proliferation of bots on the platform, as AI and troll farms can easily bypass bot detection measures.
  • 🚫 The fee applies to new, unverified accounts and serves as a deterrent to fake accounts that occupy usernames and handles.
  • 📈 Musk believes in the growth potential of X, envisioning a trillion-dollar market cap for the platform.

In a recent development, Elon Musk, the enigmatic CEO behind tech giants like Tesla and SpaceX, has hinted at a significant policy change for his social media platform, X. This change involves the implementation of fees for new users, particularly those in New Zealand and the Philippines. Let’s delve into this development and its potential implications.

Understanding the Fee Policy

  1. Introduction of Fees: Musk’s proposal entails charging a nominal fee for various user actions, including posting, replying, bookmarking, and liking on X.
  2. Targeted Regions: Initially, this fee policy is rolled out in New Zealand and the Philippines, suggesting a phased approach to implementation.

Addressing the Bot Menace

  1. Combatting Bot Activity: One of the primary motivations behind this fee policy is to tackle the rampant proliferation of bots on the platform. AI-driven bots and troll farms often evade traditional bot detection measures, posing a significant challenge for maintaining a genuine user experience.
  2. Deterrent for Fake Accounts: By requiring new, unverified accounts to pay a fee, X aims to discourage the creation of fake profiles. These fake accounts not only contribute to the bot problem but also occupy valuable usernames and handles.

Elon Musk’s Vision for X

  1. Growth Potential: Musk’s long-term vision for X is nothing short of ambitious. He envisions the platform achieving a trillion-dollar market capitalization, positioning it as a major player in the social media landscape.
  2. Monetization Strategy: Implementing fees for new users could be viewed as part of X’s broader monetization strategy. By diversifying revenue streams beyond advertising, the platform aims for sustainable growth and profitability.

Implications and Considerations

  1. User Experience: While the fee policy may help mitigate bot activity, its impact on the overall user experience remains to be seen. Will users perceive these fees as a barrier to entry, or will they appreciate the measures taken to enhance platform authenticity?
  2. Market Response: The introduction of fees for user actions represents a departure from the traditional “free-to-use” model adopted by many social media platforms. How the market, particularly users and investors, responds to this change will be closely monitored.


Elon Musk’s proposal to implement fees for new users on X underscores the platform’s commitment to combating bot activity and fostering a genuine online community. As the policy takes effect and its outcomes unfold, it will be intriguing to observe how users, regulators, and the broader market react to this strategic shift in social media dynamics.

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