Ford offloads $188.2m in additional Rivian shares

Ford Motor Co. sold $188.2 million additional shares of electric vehicle company Rivian on Friday after already selling $214 million shares earlier this week.

Filings with the SEC on Friday reveal Ford sold around 7 million shares of Rivian, which has struggled to gain momentum in the electric vehicle market due to supply chain conditions and extended production facility shutdowns. Rivian reported a miss on earnings this week in both revenue and earnings per share, and said it is continuing to struggle with supply chain conditions, which have plagued many automakers globally.

Ford sold $214 million, or about 8 million shares, worth of Rivian stock on Tuesday, filings revealed. Ford had stated in its Q1 Earnings Report that it had suffered significant losses due to the Rivian investment, joining Amazon as another large investor in the EV startup that reported substantial drops in the value of its Rivian holdings.

Rivian’s IPO late last year sent the stock surging up to $179.47 at an all-time high. However, the market began to adjust and Rivian began to tumble, losing more than 73 percent of its value since the ATH trading levels. Currently, Rivian trades at $26.70 per share after closing up nearly 10 percent during Friday trading.

Rivian’s drops in price were attributed to delays in its production and shipping forecasts as part shortages plagued the automaker’s ability to deliver completed versions of the R1T, its all-electric pickup. Earlier this year, Rivian revealed it would only build 25,000 vehicles this year, a sharp decrease in its planned production for the year.

Ford still holds 86.9 million Rivian shares.

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