Are EVs Clean Enough for the Future of Transportation?

Hybrids are the fastest way to decarbonization”

Electric Vehicles (EV) have zero tailpipe emissions, yet they are only as clean as their electricity source. A Life Cycle Analysis (LCO) indicates the grid is too dirty for EVs to have the desired impact on CO2 emissions. Some areas require driving nearly 100,000 miles before EVs are cleaner than a hybrid. If the battery needs replacing before that point, the numbers get worse. The fastest way to reduce CO2 emissions is to use small batteries in hybrids and fuel them with low carbon fuel.

Tesla Master Plan

Part of the master plan is to “create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage”. The Gigafactory design uses 100% renewable energy to offset the CO2 of every vehicle. The partnership with CATL will likely produce Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries without cobalt. This is a safer chemistry, that rapidly charges, and is expected to last 1,000,000 miles. Tesla is one auto manufacturer that aims to minimize the environmental impact of their vehicles.

The grid is rapidly getting cleaner

Coal plants are closing across the world as industry leaders abandon fossil fuels interests. “The cost of clean energy has fallen so far that new renewables out compete new coal virtually everywhere”. Solar and wind capacity continues to grow faster than expert predictions.

The ICE age is over, the present is Eclectic, and the future is Electric.

For the sake of the environment, every new vehicle should be a hybrid or an EV rather than an ICE. EVs will be the cleanest option but more work is needed. Batteries must last longer, use less hazardous materials, and charge on a sustainable grid. These changes are happening now and Tesla is leading the way.

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