An Impressive Production Time Lapse Video of Tesla Giga Shanghai, China

Tesla China has released a new video showing inside of the plant. The robots are continually manufacturing new vehicles of superior quality to satisfy their customers growing demand for the Shanghai-made Model 3.

This video shows that Giga Shanghai’s production line is set up very efficiently and this in turn has a great effect on quality. The more modern the plant becomes, the higher the efficiency of the vehicles. The development process for the Model 3 looks stunningly smooth.

If we assume that Model Y is to be developed with the aid of Giga Press — which will save production time, among other things — then Giga Shanghai’s work will be more productive yet.

With the latest equipment, Tesla constructed their Chinese factory from scratch, allowing the plant to be optimally designed for its models. It is not surprising that Giga Berlin would yield Teslas of the highest quality as compared. The new facility in Germany will not only use the newest equipment but will use the world’s most advanced paint shop. Each new factory pushes new boundaries.

Most of us take Tesla for granted as a business that makes cars and great software. But Tesla also produces products related to energy storage and solar. Tesla works behind the scenes on their own batteries, which are expected to enter production soon. However, with the spotlight on its luxury vehicles and software, Tesla’s biggest and most complicated product may be forgotten: The Gigafactory.

Giga Shanghai started production in less than a year after construction commenced. This is an achievement without precedent for the automotive industry. For instance, it took some two years for a new Volvo plant in South Carolina to move from construction to production.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is currently designing industrial automation solutions. He recognizes that smart automation — to cut costs and improve productivity — requires new approaches and a continually updated, forward-looking vision for an automated future. That is why Tesla’s factories are so distinctive from those of other manufacturers and superior.

Reported by Tesmanian.

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