Wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid demolishes at the drag strip

A previously wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid has been given a new life as a drag car and is cleaning up race-prepped competition.

Ever since Tesla launched the Model S, enthusiasts have found it to be one of the best drag car platforms on the planet. Its incredible power, low center of gravity, and all-wheel-drive powertrain make it a killer at local drag strips, where it has conquered the likes of drag-prepped race cars to exotic hypercars. Now, a previously wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid has been given a new life and is tearing up drag strips and demolishing gas-powered competitors.

BoostedBoiz posted the video of the wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid on Youtube, and it shows that the Tesla Plaid platform continues to dominate in the quarter mile.

Securing a quarter mile time of 9.9 seconds with a 33% full battery shows just how incredible the Model S is, and its speed is only made more impressive by the drag truck the Youtuber brought to the strip, which only achieved a quarter mile time of 10.6 seconds.

The Model S’s incredible acceleration has continued to attract numerous buyers, and Tesla seems to know that as its first event in Europe with the Model S Plaid involved demonstrating the car’s incredible launching capabilities.

With the Tesla Model S Plaid coming up on five years on the market, many are wondering how the next iteration of the vehicle will improve on the already superb vehicle. Will Tesla focus on its drag strip and 0-60 performance, continuing to aim for acceleration performance over anything else? Or will it start to focus on better handling, allowing it to perform better against European rivals from Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes?

It is clear that no matter how the Model S improves, it will likely continue to be a class/industry-leading car. Hopefully, those upgrades can come sooner rather than later, and the company can continue to grow the number of markets where the Model S has been made available.

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