VW to ‘de-ICE’ its most popular model

Volkswagen (VW) has revealed that it will not develop a new generation of gas-powered Golf hatchbacks.

Despite the challenges faced by numerous European automakers over the past two years, including a massive invasion of Ukraine and an equally substantial computer chip shortage, VW remains dedicated to electrifying its lineup. Perhaps the most significant step in that direction is not only increasing the number of EVs it sells but also cutting back on the development of new gas-powered vehicles as well. Now, it has been revealed that VW is no longer developing a gas-engine replacement for the current iteration of the popular Golf hatchback.

VW’s “de-ICE-ing” of the Golf has been rumored several times, and the automaker has even made steps indicating that they are ditching the gas-drivetrain. Now that intention has been made clear by a Volkswagen Group Executive, who spoke to the German news site Automobilwoche.

According to the VW executive, the automaker plans to introduce a final facelift of the Golf hatchback before discontinuing the ICE vehicle by the decade’s end. However, what will happen to the vehicle nameplate afterward remains unclear.

“With that, the car is set until the end of the decade. Then we have to see how this segment develops,” said brand chief Thomas Schaefer. “If the world develops completely differently than expected by 2026 or 2027, we could develop a totally new vehicle – but I don’t think it will. So far that is not expected,”

VW has previously revealed that the Golf name will not replace the ID.3 and may instead exist in parallel, but with the advent of the upcoming ID.2, it remains unclear where in the company’s lineup an electric Golf would fit.

Perhaps the biggest hole in VW’s lineup, and a place where an electric Golf could fit quite well, is nowhere near its German home, but in the United States. While Europe has benefitted from VW Group’s numerous brands and countless offerings, VW and its subsidiary Audi have brought very few of those offerings across the pond, most notably including the ID.3. However, it likely won’t be clear where or if a proposed electric Golf will make an appearance until we get closer to 2030.

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