Used Tesla Model S prices in Australia rise amid cancellation of new deliveries

Australia’s market for used Tesla Model S and Model X units appears to have been affected by the automaker’s announcement last Friday. Last week, Tesla announced that deliveries of the new Model S and Model X in Australia have been canceled since the vehicles would only be produced as left-hand drive variants. 

Following Tesla’s announcement, reservation holders of the two flagship vehicles—some of whom placed their deposits over two years ago—were informed that they would get their payments refunded. They will also be receiving a $3,000 discount if they purchase a Model 3 or Model Y instead. 

Under these circumstances, the prices of used Model S and Model X units have reportedly been affected in Australia. For example, a 2019 Tesla Model S 100D saw a 30% price increase to AU$129,999 following Tesla’s announcement last week. 

As noted by The Driven, the 2019 Model S 100D in question was only priced at AU$99,999 back in early April. This suggests that the cancellation of the new Model S and Model X in Australia effectively added AU$30,000 to the second-hand flagship vehicle’s price. 

The cancelation of orders for the new Model S and Model X in Australia is quite unfortunate, especially since Tesla rolled out incentives in the United States for new customers of the flagship all-electric vehicles. The incentives include free Supercharging, a revamped referral program, and financing options as low as 3.99% in some states.  

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