The Boring Company is nearly complete with the Las Vegas underground transportation system

As Tesla electric vehicles have reached the underground tunnel for the first time, the Boring Company’s Vegas Loop is getting ready for the first days of service.

Footage of a Pearl White Multi-Coat Tesla Model 3 sedan and a Deep Blue Metallic Model X SUV entering the underground Loop entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center was recorded from an aerial viewpoint and uploaded by @LasVegasLocally on Twitter to YouTube.

The entry of the two vehicles into the tunnel appears to indicate that both The Boring Company and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) are planning the Vegas Loop for the first few operational tests.

The two all-electric vehicles’ entrance is right on cue with recent estimates from The Boring Company CEO Elon Musk, who recently stated that the Vegas Loop would be operational in “maybe a month or so” on October 14th.

Musk suggested that it is important to add a few finishing touches to the substations of the Ring, where people would enter and exit the vehicles upon leaving and arriving at their desired destination.

Teslarati announced in July 2020 that The Boring Company was preparing to use AEVs, or Autonomous Electric Vehicles, to move passengers between hotspots in Vegas. The Model S, Model 3 and Model X are the three vehicles to be used, all of which will function autonomously inside the Loop structure. In addition, in a deleted Tweet, Musk recently suggested that Tesla could build a “dense” vehicle, such as a bus or small truck, that could hold more passengers at a time. This is still unconfirmed, however.

The Vegas Loop creation is far from finished. For the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, the Boring Company reportedly plans to make the Convention Center stop in full service if the event continues in usual fashion based on the latest pandemic. Musk’s company, however, has applied for various extensions of the overall Loop, which will extend from Northern Vegas all the way down to McCarran Airport and the new Allegiant Stadium.

In February of this year, the first Boring Company tunnel was completed, and in May, the second was finished. The Boring Company will likely complete multiple test runs as activity approaches to demonstrate the safety and accuracy of the Loop system, which will effectively move visitors and residents alike across Vegas in a modern, productive, and sustainable fashion.

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