Tesla’s Q2 2024 Rally: A Win for Investors, A Blow for Short Sellers

  • 🚀 Tesla shares surged following their Q2 2024 vehicle delivery and production report, gaining $150 billion in three days.
  • 💼 Hedge funds that bet against Tesla before the Q2 results were heavily impacted, losing $3.5 billion.
  • 📈 18% of over 500 hedge funds tracked by Hazeltree held a short position in Tesla at the end of Q2 2024, up from 15% at the end of Q1 2024.
  • 💰 Tesla shares climbed 17% in just two trading days after the Q2 report’s release, significantly affecting short sellers.
  • 😢 Elon Musk responded to the hedge funds’ losses on social media with a crying face emoji.
  • 📉 Tesla’s Q1 2024 vehicle deliveries were below expectations, contributing to increased short-selling interest.
  • 📅 Tesla’s Q2 2024 earnings call is scheduled for July 23, 2024.
  • 💼 Major executive departures and job cuts occurred at Tesla over Q2 2024 amidst performance concerns.

The recent developments surrounding Tesla’s Q2 2024 vehicle delivery and production report have sent shockwaves through the market, taking investors on a thrilling ride. The result: a $150 billion surge in Tesla’s valuation within three days and significant losses for hedge funds that shorted the stock. Let’s dissect what happened, why it matters, and what’s next for Tesla.

Tesla’s Q2 2024 vehicle delivery and production report brought a whirlwind of activity to the stock market. Investors rejoiced, while short sellers faced a tough landscape. This blog post dives deep into Tesla’s recent performance, the effects on hedge funds, and what the future might hold for this electric vehicle giant.

Unpacking Tesla’s Q2 2024 Report

Tesla’s Q2 2024 report not only met but surpassed the market’s expectations. Here are the critical highlights:

  • Vehicle Deliveries and Production: The numbers not only impressed analysts but also shattered Wall Street estimates, fueling investor enthusiasm.
  • Stock Surge: Upon the release of the report, Tesla’s valuation skyrocketed by $150 billion in just three days, with the stock climbing 17% in two trading days.
  • Previous Quarter Performance: It’s important to note that Tesla’s Q1 2024 deliveries had fallen below expectations, casting a shadow that was quickly dispelled by the Q2 results.

The Impact on Hedge Funds

Hedge funds betting against Tesla felt the most acute pain from this rally. Here’s a breakdown of the impact:

  • Losses Incurred: Short sellers faced a staggering $3.5 billion in losses on a mark-to-market basis as a result of the stock’s impressive surge.
  • Short Positions: According to Hazeltree, 18% of over 500 tracked hedge funds held a short position in Tesla by the end of Q2 2024, an increase from 15% at the end of Q1 2024.
  • Market Dynamics: This surge in short positions can be attributed to Tesla’s underperformance in Q1 and subsequent executive departures and job cuts in Q2, which had initially signaled potential instability within the company.

Market Reactions and Investor Sentiments

The market reaction to Tesla’s Q2 performance was multi-faceted:

  • Investor Optimism: Investors, buoyed by the strong delivery and production numbers, pushed the stock upwards, reaffirming their confidence in Tesla’s long-term growth potential.
  • Elon Musk’s Response: The mercurial CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, took to social media to mock the hedge funds, responding with a crying face emoji, illustrating the significant impact on short sellers.
  • Stock Performance Analysis: Since the start of June 2024, Tesla shares had already climbed about 40%, indicating a robust underlying momentum.

What’s Ahead for Tesla?

Looking forward, several key events and factors could influence Tesla’s trajectory:

  • Upcoming Earnings Call: Tesla’s Q2 2024 earnings call is scheduled for July 23, 2024. Investors and analysts will be keenly watching for insights into future strategies, financial health, and management’s perspectives.
  • Executive Stability: The recent executive departures amidst job cuts signal potential internal challenges. Stakeholders will be curious to see how Tesla navigates these leadership changes.
  • Market Position: With the Q2 performance boosting confidence, Tesla is in a strong position to capitalize on the growing EV market, technological advancements, and potential policy developments favoring renewable energy and electric vehicles.


Tesla’s Q2 2024 rally has been a testament to the volatile and dynamic nature of the stock market. For investors, it has been a period of joy and vindication. For short sellers, notably hedge funds, it brought substantial losses and perhaps a lesson in the unpredictability of stock movements.

As Tesla prepares for its Q2 earnings call, the market will be eager to see how the company plans to sustain its momentum and address any lingering internal challenges. This episode serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of timing, market analysis, and sometimes, a bit of luck in the world of investments.

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