Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas Ramps Up Cybertruck and Model Y Production

  • πŸš— Production of both Tesla Cybertruck and Model Y is noticeably increasing at Gigafactory Texas.
  • πŸ“ˆ Observer Joe Tegtmeyer shared a video showing dozens of Model Y units and Cybertrucks, indicating increased output.
  • πŸ›  Tesla is reportedly putting out eight or nine Cybertrucks per hour, with the outbound lot being very active.
  • πŸš‡ The video also highlights the arrival of The Boring Company’s Prufrock-3 tunneling machine, suggesting tunneling beneath highway 130.
  • 🌐 Construction projects at Gigafactory Texas are showcased in the video, including a new Supercharger installation project and continued construction on the Southeast corner of the building.

In the heart of Austin, Texas, the energy is palpable as Tesla’s Gigafactory is buzzing with increased activity. Recent observations by Joe Tegtmeyer, a dedicated observer of Giga Texas, shed light on a substantial surge in the production of both the highly anticipated Cybertruck and the popular Model Y. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting development and what it means for Tesla enthusiasts and the electric vehicle (EV) market.

The Acceleration of Production

  1. Significant Increase in Output
    • Video footage captured by Tegtmeyer reveals a substantial uptick in the production of Model Y and Cybertruck units.
    • The observer notes a noticeable increase during a rare Sunday flight, showcasing the vibrant outbound lot filled with electric vehicles.
  2. Quantifying the Surge
    • Tesla is reportedly achieving an impressive output, with estimates suggesting the production of eight or nine Cybertrucks per hour.
    • The active outbound lot, as depicted in the video, indicates a robust manufacturing pace.

Unveiling the Cybertruck

  1. Non-Employee Deliveries Commence
    • The surge in production aligns with Tesla’s recent initiation of non-employee deliveries of the Cybertruck.
    • Initial deliveries were primarily to Tesla employees and celebrities, marking a new phase for widespread availability.
  2. Strategic Grouping of Units
    • Tesla’s approach of grouping Model Y and Cybertruck units together in the outbound lot has been consistent in recent weeks.
    • This strategy may streamline logistics and enhance efficiency in the manufacturing process.

The Prufrock-3 Tunneling Machine

  1. Boring Company’s Prufrock-3 Arrival
    • The video not only captures the manufacturing buzz but also highlights the arrival of The Boring Company’s Prufrock-3 tunneling machine.
    • Speculations arise about potential tunneling beneath highway 130, suggesting ambitious infrastructure developments.
  2. Tunneling Project Details
    • Analysis indicates that Tesla is prepared to tunnel beneath the highway, with an estimated distance of approximately 1,000 feet.
    • Viewers anticipate a two to four-week timeline for completing the tunnel, with a projected depth of at least 55 feet beneath the surface.

Beyond Vehicles: Gigafactory Construction

  1. Supercharger Installation
    • The video showcases a new Supercharger installation project, underscoring Tesla’s commitment to expanding its charging infrastructure.
    • This aligns with Tesla’s broader mission of facilitating convenient and widespread EV charging.
  2. Ongoing Construction Projects
    • Construction efforts persist in various areas of Gigafactory Texas, including the Southeast corner of the building.
    • The comprehensive aerial view offers glimpses into the continuous development and expansion of Tesla’s manufacturing hub.
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