Tesla with Autopilot hits cop car—driver admits he was watching a movie

A North Carolina Tesla driver has admitted to watching a movie on his phone while using Autopilot during a crash with a police vehicle.

A Tesla Model S crashed into a Nash County police vehicle in Nash County, North Carolina. The vehicle was reportedly stopped on the road, helping a trooper from the Highway Patrol react to an earlier accident.

The effect was heavy enough to drive the police cruiser into a vehicle owned by the Highway Patrol trooper. This in turn pushed the two law enforcement officers to the ground. Luckily no one has been injured.

Here are a few pictures shared by the NC Highway Patrol:

The Tesla driver reportedly admitted that he was watching a movie on his phone while his car was on Autopilot (via CBS):

“The Highway Patrol said the Tesla’s driver, identified as Devainder Goli of Raleigh, said he was watching a movie on his phone while the car was on auto-pilot when the collision occurred.”

The driver has allegedly been charged with “move over law violation,” which allows drivers to pass across a lane when a car is stopped at the side, and infringement of “location of television in vehicle.”

The Model S was a pre-refresh Model S, meaning it possibly used the first iteration of Tesla’s Autopilot which hasn’t been updated in a while.

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