New Tesla V3 Supercharger opens in Beijing as part of nationwide launch in China

Tesla China announced Beijing’s first Supercharger V3 is now operational. The launch of the new V3 site marks yet another phase in the efforts of the electric car manufacturer to scale up their charging network in China, which will provide more support to customers as the local Model 3 gets ramped up in the region.

The announcement has been linked to a tweet from the official Twitter account of Tesla China. The electric car manufacturer indicated that the expansion of the Supercharger V3 in China would continue, with the launch of the fast charging stations in more cities soon. “The first V3 Supercharger station in Beijing is open! We will launch the V3 Supercharger in more cities soon, ” the company noted.

The installation of a Supercharger V3 station in Beijing is incredibly pertinent for Tesla, especially considering that the city is one of the country’s cities with the most number of registered cars. In 2018 it was estimated that more than 5.9 million vehicles were registered in Beijing alone. By 2030 the city is poised to prohibit the selling of fossil-fuel-driven vehicles.

Keeping this in mind, the expansion of Tesla’s Supercharger V3 in Beijing may be a way for the company to demonstrate that it will be able to accommodate a massive influx of electric vehicles in the coming years. Tesla’s V3 Supercharger ramp in China will also help the ongoing expansion of Gigafactory Shanghai, which is now getting ready to produce Model Y. Model 3 and Model Y are both high-volume vehicles, suggesting that a good number of them will gain ground in key Chinese cities such as Peking.

Tesla’s Supercharger V3 is designed to provide a quick charge solution for the growing fleet of vehicles by the electric car maker. The system features an entirely new design with a 1MW power cabinet and 250kW peak rates per car with no splitting fee.  At peak efficiency, the Supercharger V3 could charge a vehicle in just about 15 minutes at rates of 1,000 mph.

As Tesla noted in its Supercharger V3 launch, the new network will reduce an average of 50 percent the amount of time EV owners spend at Superchargers. With this, each Supercharger V3 station could handle a greater number of vehicles, allowing Tesla’s growing fleet to support the network. This will be key for the company, especially when other high-volume vehicles, such as the Cybertruck, are coming in.

Reported by Teslarati.

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