Tesla V2G Technology could increase demand and sales of all models

Tesla can dramatically boost demand whenever it wants or needs to. Until now, no legacy car manufacturer has established the capability. Considering that the system is significantly close to solar grid-tied systems, and that Tesla already has a virtual operating power plant, VPP, in South Australia, this introduces yet another layer of uncertainty to tackle for legacy car manufacturers.

Legacy car companies have no presence in the solar or utility sector and are at a major disadvantage when deploying vehicle to grid, V2G, technologies. In contrast, Tesla has an operational VPP in southern Australia and is preparing to deploy the same throughout the world.


  • Tesla can dial demand for its cars by combining increased loan terms with Vehicle to Grid income for customers.
  • Tesla battery electric vehicles, BEVs, could be financed over a 12-year period like RVs to reduce payments.
  • Tesla BEVs will soon connect to utilities and create a Virtual Power Plant to earn owners (and Tesla) a monthly income between $100 and $400/mo.
  • Tesla may soon add $1 Billion in recurring passive income from its existing one million BEVs.
  • CEOs of legacy car companies continue to deny the pace of the BEV disruption.

Read the full article at Seeking Alpha.

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