What’s in store for the upcoming Tesla V11 update?

Andy Slye, a Tesla owner and prominent YouTube influencer, points out that it’s been over a year since Tesla introduced a big car software update, and it’s been over three months since Elon Musk said the user interface needs to be overhauled. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that Tesla owners will have to wait long.

Version 11 of Tesla’s software is on the way, and some people have already seen it in motion. However, there are still a few unanswered questions about how it will all play out. Slye has done his homework and compiled a list of the most requested app updates and features that could be included in a future update.

Tesla’s vehicles are currently running software version 10, and all new Tesla cars, with the exception of the touch screen orientation, operate in the same way. A few people have recently had the chance to test drive the updated Tesla Model S with what appears to be the Version 11 software. It has a new interface, new fonts, and new windows, among other things.

The update includes new driving features such as Smart Shift and Drag Strip Mode, as previously announced. However, Slye lists a variety of potential features. The following is his list, with video timestamps:

  • 0:00​ Tesla Software v11 Leaked
  • 2:13​ Rearrange Main Menu
  • 2:48​ Wiper Controls
  • 3:48​ Mobile Car Alarm
  • 4:17​ Blind Spot Camera
  • 5:01​ Mobile Sentry Mode
  • 6:07​ TPMS Notifications
  • 6:31​ Birdseye View
  • 7:07​ Sponsor (Manscaped)
  • 8:17​ Waypoints
  • 8:53​ Charging Stats
  • 9:33​ Charging Stop Time
  • 10:37​ New Music Sources
  • 11:33​ Weather Radar Overlays
  • 12:08​ Passenger Profiles
  • 12:45​ Public EV Chargers

Do you think the Version 11 software update will have any of these features? What are your favorite features, and why?

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