Tesla Unveils Winners of Fall 2023 Supercharger Location Announcement, Launches Winter 2024 Voting Round

  • 🌎 Tesla announces Fall 2023 Supercharger location winners and initiates the Winter 2024 voting round.
  • 🗳️ Fall 2023 winners include five new Supercharger locations in Canada and additional sites in Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • 🇨🇦 Canadian locations: Montebello, Baie-Comeau, St. John’s, Renfrew, Aulds Cove.
  • 🌍 International locations: Bacău, Deva, Paks, Iași, Békéscsaba, Uljin County, Fukuchiyama City, Hokkaido, Asahikawa, Mildura.
  • 🎉 Bonus sites: Pullman, Manhattan, Peterborough, Siena.
  • 🔄 Winter 2024 Supercharger voting round is open, allowing participants to cast 5 votes and suggest locations for the next cycle.

Electric vehicles are revolutionizing the way we commute, and Tesla is at the forefront of this transformation. In their latest move, Tesla has not only announced the winners of the Fall 2023 Supercharger location voting round but has also kickstarted the Winter 2024 voting round. Let’s delve into the details of this electrifying expansion.

Unveiling the Fall 2023 Supercharger Winners

Canadian Delights 🇨🇦

  1. Montebello, Quebec:
    • One of the Canadian winners, Montebello in Quebec, is set to receive a new Supercharger location. This strategic placement enhances Tesla’s charging network in the region.
  2. Baie-Comeau, Quebec:
    • Baie-Comeau joins the list, contributing to the growing Supercharger infrastructure in Quebec. A boon for Tesla owners in the area.
  3. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL):
    • Newfoundland and Labrador get a taste of Tesla’s charging convenience with the addition of St. John’s to the Supercharger network.
  4. Renfrew, Ontario:
    • Ontario welcomes Renfrew to its Supercharger lineup, catering to the charging needs of Tesla drivers in this province.
  5. Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia:
    • Nova Scotia sees Aulds Cove becoming a Supercharger destination, making long-distance electric travel more feasible.

Global Expansion 🌍

  1. Bacău, Romania:
    • Europe contributes to the expansion with Bacău in Romania joining the Supercharger family.
  2. Deva, Romania:
    • Another Romanian location, Deva, plays a role in enhancing Tesla’s charging infrastructure in Eastern Europe.
  3. Paks, Hungary:
    • Hungary sees Paks becoming a Supercharger hub, supporting the electric vehicle ecosystem in the country.
  4. Iași, Romania:
    • Romania secures another Supercharger location with Iași, furthering Tesla’s commitment to European charging accessibility.
  5. Békéscsaba, Hungary:
    • Hungary welcomes Békéscsaba to its Supercharger network, catering to the charging needs of Tesla drivers in the region.
  6. Uljin County, South Korea:
    • South Korea joins the global expansion with Uljin County, contributing to Tesla’s charging presence in Asia.
  7. Fukuchiyama City, Japan:
    • Japan embraces Fukuchiyama City as a Supercharger location, strengthening Tesla’s network in the Land of the Rising Sun.
  8. Hokkaido, Japan:
    • The northern island of Hokkaido in Japan becomes part of the Supercharger network, enhancing charging options for Tesla owners.
  9. Asahikawa, Japan:
    • Asahikawa in Japan marks another addition, showcasing Tesla’s commitment to providing convenient charging solutions.
  10. Mildura, Australia:
    • Australia sees Mildura joining the Supercharger lineup, contributing to the growing network Down Under.

Bonus Sites for Extra Excitement 🎉

  1. Pullman, Washington:
    • Adding a touch of fun, Pullman in Washington is named as a bonus Supercharger site.
  2. Manhattan, Kansas:
    • Manhattan in Kansas secures its place as a bonus Supercharger destination, offering more charging options.
  3. Peterborough, United Kingdom:
    • The United Kingdom gets a bonus with Peterborough joining the Supercharger lineup, enhancing charging accessibility.
  4. Siena, Italy:
    • Italy adds a dash of charm to the list with Siena being recognized as a bonus Supercharger location.

Winter 2024 Supercharger Voting Round

As we celebrate the Fall 2023 Supercharger winners, Tesla enthusiasts can now actively participate in shaping the future. The Winter 2024 Supercharger voting round is open, allowing Tesla owners and enthusiasts to cast their votes for their preferred locations. Each participant can cast up to 5 votes and even suggest locations for the subsequent voting cycle.

Conclusion: Powering Progress

Tesla’s continuous expansion of the Supercharger network not only facilitates long-distance travel for Tesla owners but also signifies a commitment to sustainable transportation. As the Winter 2024 voting round unfolds, the electric vehicle community eagerly anticipates the next set of Supercharger locations that will further power the progress towards a greener future.

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