Tesla investors want to know about Cybertruck and Margins: Q1 Earnings Preview

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) reports earnings for Q1 2023 on Wednesday, April 19, after the market closes.

Both institutional and retail investors are submitting questions that Tesla executives will answer on Wednesday about the company’s upcoming Cybertruck and how margins will be affected as the automaker cut prices on several occasions during the first quarter.

Tesla accepts questions from investors through Say, a platform investors use to communicate with companies. Questions rounded up thus far seem to indicate investors are truly interested in updates regarding the Cybertruck timeline, Tesla’s Energy sector, battery production metrics, and other macro-level issues.


  1. Can you give updated specs and pricing for Cybertruck, and any new features that will make it to production?
  2. Do you still believe Tesla Energy will be bigger than auto and when will you provide more formal guidance on Megapack and overall Tesla Energy?
  3. You previously stated a goal to reach 80% of the Tesla car owners with Tesla Insurance. When will the goal be met? What is the adoption rate of Tesla Insurance where it is available? What is the average annual savings over 3rd party insurers?
  4. How well are 4680 cells meeting the expectations described on Battery Day? How long will it be until the cells meet those goals?
  5. Will Tesla Shareholders (retail) have early access to SpaceX IPO?


  1. Can Tesla maintain the guided 20% auto gross margin ex-credit floor if further price cuts are necessary to drive the company’s 1.8M+ unit volume guidance?
  2. When should we expect the next milestone for FSD that would trigger a material release of deferred revenue?
  3. Can you quantify the gross margin headwind from 4680 in Q1 relative to Q4? When is this expected to alleviate?


Tesla reported its Q1 production and delivery figures on April 2, noting that it produced 440,808 cars during the first three months of the year while delivering 422,875 cars. The Model 3 and Model Y made up a vast majority of those deliveries, accounting for all but 10,695 cars, which were Model S and Model X.

Tesla will report its earnings for Q1 2023 tomorrow at 4:30 CT.

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