Tesla bull ARK makes big stock purchase, securing more than $12M

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) bull ARK Invest purchased 69,329 shares of the automaker’s stock on Wednesday, securing more than $12 million of shares.

The shares were purchased across two of ARK’s ETFs: ARKK, which is the firm’s Innovation ETF, and ARKW, its Next Generation Internet portfolio.

51,960 shares were added to the ARKK ETF, while an additional 17,369 shares were added to ARKW, and based on yesterday’s share prices, the value of this purchase is somewhere around $12.6 million.

The purchase in the ARKK portfolio is just .128 percent of the portfolio, while the 17,369 shares added to ARKW are just .254 percent of that particular ETF.

Tesla is the biggest holding for in the ARKK, making up 9.96 percent of the entire ETF. The second largest holding is Zoom, with 7.79 percent. In ARKW, Tesla is the fourth largest holding with 6.57 percent weight, trailing Block Inc., Roku, and Coinbase, respectively.

ARK has not added Tesla shares for nearly two months. Its latest Tesla purchase was the first since January 13, when it scooped up nearly 169,000 shares as it bolstered its position as a major investor throughout January.

That month alone, ARK had added the electric automaker’s shares on six occasions, accumulating over 600,000 shares of Tesla stock through the first thirteen days of the month.

Since then, Tesla shares have not been a priority for ARK, as the automaker’s stock price has continued to climb upward. Shares have rebounded over 48 percent from January 13, when ARK last purchased Tesla stock to yesterday.

However, the past few days have showed stagnation in the automaker’s resurgence on the stock market.

In the past month, Tesla shares are down 12 percent, and the drop in share price may have been enough of a catalyst in ARK’s decision to begin scooping up shares once again.

ARK has been one of the biggest Tesla bulls out there, and in January, Cathie Wood, CEO and CIO of the firm, said their position on the automaker was stronger than it had ever been. Wood believes there is major room for substantial growth in the automaker’s shares moving forward, especially as the company has so many avenues for an increase in stock price through its automotive and energy divisions.

“It could come from EVs alone… it’s almost a fivefold increase of this stock over the next five years. And if you believe in autonomy at all, it’s more like 13 times over the next five years. So we’re more optimistic about Tesla than we’ve ever been,”

Tesla shares closed at $182 yesterday, and the stock is down 1.21 percent in pre-market trading as of 8:59 AM on the East Coast.

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