Tesla Tequila, lightning-shaped Decanter is now available in China and Europe

Tesla has unveiled a collectible Tesla Tequila lightning bottle on its official stores in Europe and China, as promised by Elon Musk back in November. The hand-blown glass, dubbed the Tesla Decanter, could become another highly sought after collectible from the electric car manufacturer.

Tesla Tequila was released in early November 2020. The alcoholic beverage is a high-end product, which came in a lightning-shaped bottle with a metal stand and cost $250 per bottle. Empty Tesla Tequila bottles eventually found their way to sites like eBay, where scalpers sold them as collectibles for $500-$1,000.

Elon Musk later remarked, in response to a question about the Tesla Tequila’s release in Europe, that exporting liquor to the region is a difficult task. Tesla’s CEO then said that the lightning-shaped bottle of Tesla Tequila will be sold worldwide. The bottle would also come with a shot glass, according to Musk.

The Tesla Decanter is the new name for the product. It is currently unavailable in the United States, but it is sold in Tesla’s Europe and China stores. In China, the Tesla Decanter costs RMB779 ($119) and €150 ($176) in Europe. Pre-orders for the lightning-shaped bottles are currently being taken.

In its product overview, Tesla stressed the Decanter’s collectible nature.

“Inspired by Tesla tequila, the Tesla Decanter is the perfect touch for your bar. Lightning-shaped, each hand-blown bottle can hold up to 750ml of your favorite alcohol. Featuring both the Tesla emblem and the gold T logo, this exclusive collector’s item, placed on a polished metal stand to be an eye-catcher, is ideal for any occasion,” the company wrote.

The Tesla Decanter is scheduled to be delivered within 6-8 weeks. Keep in mind that the Decanter does not appear to include the shot glass described by Elon Musk in November.

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