Tesla teases mysterious “wireless” home charger on Investor Day

It was just a quick image displayed onscreen while Tesla Head of Global Charging Infrastructure Rebecca Tinucci was discussing the company’s work with its Supercharger Network, but it was enough to catch the attention of numerous EV watchers online. If the image was any indication, it appears that Tesla is working on a wireless home charging solution. 

The Tesla executive’s segment during Investor Day highlighted that the electric vehicle maker had been working on expanding its rapid charging infrastructure for about ten years now. Tinucci specifically mentioned a number of innovations that have improved Tesla’s Supercharger rollout, such as the implementation of prefabricated Superchargers.

At the latter end of her presentation, the Tesla executive noted that amidst all its hard work and intense efforts to improve, the company doesn’t “forget to do cool s***.” The slide featured a themed Tesla Supercharger modeled after a drive-in Hollywood diner, which has long been mentioned by Elon Musk. Beside the drive-in diner’s photo was something that had not been shared before. 

Credit: Tesla/YouTube

The photo showed the rear end of a red Tesla Model S parked in a home garage. A rather large Tesla home charger could be seen on a wall, but it did not seem to be plugged into the all-electric flagship sedan directly at all. Instead, the Model S was parked over what looked like a wireless charging pad. This promptly fueled speculations that Tesla may be looking to roll out a wireless charging system, at least for residential customers, in the future.

A wireless charging system for Teslas would be nothing short of a game-changer. The company’s Supercharger Network already changed the game thanks to its ease of use and convenience. But even manually plugging in a Tesla to a charger is less convenient than just parking over a charging pad. Of course, there are some notable disadvantages to wireless charging, such as slower charging speeds. But if Tesla can figure out a way to roll out a wireless charging system with at least a decent charging rate, the company’s vehicles would likely become even more attractive to consumers. 

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