Tesla Superchargers are already attracting electric motorcycles

An Energica Experia electric motorcycle has been spotted at a Tesla Supercharger following the opening of the charging network to other electric vehicles.

News of Tesla opening its fabled Supercharger Network in the United States has been met with a combination of excitement and dread. But there is no doubt that one of the coolest things you can now charge at a Tesla Supercharger is an electric motorcycle. An Energica Experia was spotted charging at a Tesla Supercharger in California earlier today.

Posted by Reddit user u/BonesJackson, the Energica Experia was seen charging at a Tesla Supercharger in Scotts Valley, California.

The Experia, Energica’s newest model, is an ADV set to take on the likes of the BMW R1250, the Ducati Multistrada, and even the DSRX from rival electric motorcycle maker Zero Motorcycles.

Teslarati got in touch with the bike owner, who had plenty of great things to say about his newest electric bike. Kelly, the bike owner, has owned numerous motorcycles and even a good assortment of electric ones. However, he found his way onto the Experia thanks to its segment-leading battery capacity and more comfortable upright posture. Beyond that, the Energia’s reliability, immediate torque, more environmentally friendly nature, and of course, its fun in the mountains made it Kelly’s top choice.

Unfortunately, Kelly could only draw 7kW at the Tesla Supercharger, a speed more than three times slower than his average of mid-20kW at other DC fast charging locations. This could be due to the bike not yet being recognized by the charger or some incompatibility with the bike’s own computer; the owner wasn’t sure.

Luckily, the Energica didn’t take up the spot for too long. Thanks to its smaller battery and relatively high charging speed considering its form factor, the Energica Experia advertises it can charge from 0-80% in roughly 40 minutes. Kelly says he regularly achieves 20-80% in under 30 minutes.

Much like many EVs from Ford, Rivian, and others, the Energica gained access to the Tesla Supercharging network thanks to its CCS2 connector that the Tesla Magic Dock now allows customers to charge with.

Following the opening of the Supercharger Network, opinions have been split within the community regarding how this may affect the Tesla charging experience. It’s no secret that Tesla charging has quickly reached its carrying capacity in some densely populated areas, with the worst cases forcing owners to wait in line to charge for hours. At the same time, many view Tesla’s move as necessary to help further EV adoption, particularly in the United States, where charging anxiety runs rampant.

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