Tesla stock outlook soars to $1,300 per share, driven by Biden’s $10k EV tax credit

Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock price soared during Monday trading following the report of impressive Q1 2021 delivery and production numbers last Friday. Bullish analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush, who boosted his outlook on Tesla stock to “Outperform” from a “Hold” rating following the Q1 figures, believes that the stock could cross the $1,300 mark in the coming months, especially if Presiden Joe Biden’s planned EV tax credit is pushed through. Wedbush sources indicate that the previously thought $7,000 credit could be increased to $10,000, further incentivizing car buyers to purchase electric powertrains instead of gas-powered ones.

Ives is coming off of a Monday price target increase to $1,000 with a bullish scenario of $1,300, and his bull case is not necessarily influenced directly by Tesla’s increased sales and delivery figures that were solely fueled by the demand for the Model 3 and Model Y. Instead, President Joe Biden’s EV tax credit, a long-awaited returning incentive for many EV enthusiasts, is about to be reintroduced. Several sources in Washington D.C. who have spoken to Ives or Wedbush indicate that it could be a sum of $10,000 instead of the $7,500, or $7,000, that has been discussed for several months.

“We are hearing from our contacts in the Beltway that $7,500 tax credit could potentially be $10,000 in terms of a credit and that’s going to be a massive catalyst not just for Tesla, but for the EV ecosystem in the U.S.,” Ives said to Yahoo! Finance Live. The current EV tax credit amounts to $7,500 but could be reintroduced to apply to the automakers who have sold at least 200,000 battery-powered cars. Tesla and General Motors have both surpassed this threshold, effectively disqualifying them from giving their consumers the credit.

The plan bodes well for many EV manufacturers, not just those who have rolled out 200,000 or more deliveries. President Biden has been vocal about the possibility of introducing several bills and spending plans that would accelerate the production of electric vehicles and enhance the incentives that encourage consumers to purchase them. Last week, Biden announced a $174 billion aid package that would assist the growth of EV companies. The aid package’s main point would be to help the U.S. EV market accelerate to grow to the size of the highly competitive Chinese EV market, a region that Tesla has found immense amounts of success in.

“The president believes that [the U.S. EV market’s size compared to the Chinese EV market] must change. He is proposing a $174 billion investment to win the EV market,” the White House said in a statement.

Whether the EV tax credit is increased to $10,000 remains to be seen, and ultimately it will come down to the Biden Administration’s ultimate discretion. Rest assured, Ives believes an increased EV tax benefit will pay dividends for Tesla if it goes through. “Although there has been a painful sell-off for Tesla [stock this year], I think this is just the start of a massive rally of 30% to 40%,” Ives added.

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