Tesla adds “spaceship” for their future designers hinting at more SpaceX collaboration

Tesla is referring to more SpaceX collaboration as it adds “spaceship” to its future potential products for designers to work on. Now Tesla is hinting at continued cooperation between the two companies.

Tesla described “spaceship architecture” as a possible job in a new senior vehicle designer role listed on its career web site (hat tip to u/tdoesstuff):

Using your considerable production design experience and innovative thinking, you will primarily be tasked with creating designs for future cars, but may also be called upon for other design tasks (product design, spaceship design, etc) based on your skillset. Our design team prides itself on being multi-talented and flexible, and we look for the same in our potential candidates. You will report to the Senior Manager of Vehicle Design, and this position resides in Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.

The position is based out of the Tesla Hawthorne Design Studio, which is situated directly next door to SpaceX headquarters.

This mention in the new job listing comes as SpaceX is developing Starship, a fully reusable super heavy-lift launch vehicle and large capacity spacecraft.

It is supposed to be the vehicle used by SpaceX to colonize Mars and CEO Elon Musk has also spoken about using the spacecraft for incredibly fast travel from and to various spaceports on Earth.

If Tesla ends up designing some features of the new spaceship, it wouldn’t be the first Tesla products inside the vehicle. SpaceX has been using Tesla battery packs on the new prototype of the “Starship” Mars vehicle.

Additionally, Tesla and SpaceX have a collaborative team of suppliers to develop new technologies for use on Earth and in space.

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