Tesla set to release Full Self-Driving update this weekend, expand Beta fleet in June

Tesla is set to release a new version of the Full Self-Driving Beta program this weekend with Software Update 10.12, and CEO Elon Musk even said the automaker could expand the size of the Beta fleet in June.

Tesla has attempted to release updates and improvements to the Full Self-Driving Beta program every two weeks and has done a relatively good job of maintaining that schedule. However, version 10.11 was released in mid-March, so members of the Beta program are hungry for improvements.

It is about time for the newest software version to be rolled out to drivers and owners who are a part of the FSD Beta Fleet, as Software Version 10.12 is set to be released this weekend, according to CEO Elon Musk.

Musk said earlier this week that Tesla would “probably” release the Software Update to the FSD Beta program this weekend, as it has usually fallen on a Friday anyway. However, Tesla is being somewhat hesitant with the new software version, as Musk said that the 10.12 update includes a lot of updates to the self-driving code, which means there are a lot of new tendencies and behaviors discovered during testing. Because the Full Self-Driving suite is a Beta program, Tesla employees first assess an update’s readiness prior to releasing it to the Beta fleet. Simple mistakes in the development of the FSD suite could backtrack the company’s monumental progress by several years, and the program is far from perfect.

The Beta program also contributes by giving Tesla data and information that could be relevant to the next software rollout. With every mile driven by a Beta tester, Tesla receives valuable information about driving behaviors that can help predict tendencies that could prevent an accident later on. As Tesla already has over 100,000 Beta program users in the fleet, the automaker is receiving massive amounts of information already from drivers, which is why the company has been able to make substantial progress in the past two years in terms of FSD accuracy.

Musk believes the already sizeable fleet of FSD Beta testers could expand as soon as next month, he said. “It still needs a little more work,” Musk said, but more users could be introduced in June.

The update is set to introduce more detailed vehicle models, improvements to unprotected left turns, and fixes to a car’s performance in heavy traffic.

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