Tesla service manuals are now free, diagnostic software gets price increase

Tesla’s service manuals are now free. Meanwhile, Telsa increased the price of its diagnostic software. 

In August 2021, Tesla quietly released a set of service subscriptions to help owners work on their vehicles. It paved the way for Tesla owners to repair their cars. 

Tesla offers two service subscriptions. The first subscription is the Service and Repair Information Package, which now has an annual price of $0.00 listed on Tesla’s website. The Service and Repair Information Package gives owners access to manuals, tooling catalogs, wiring diagrams, and other pertinent documents.

When Tesla debuted its service subscriptions, the Service and Repair Information Package started at $31.88 per hour. The subscription offered prices for daily, monthly, and annual use. Daily access to the package used to cost $106.25, and monthly access was $371.88 last year. Tesla owners paid $3,187.50 for the annual subscription to the Service and Repair Information Package.

Tesla’s other service subscription is the Diagnostic Software Package. It was initially available in Europe and was released in the United States last year.

The Diagnostic Software Package is currently offered as a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly subscription costs $500, while an annual subscription costs $3,000. Tesla raised the price of the package. Previously, the monthly subscription’s price was $333.00, and the annual subscription was $2,000.

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