Tesla Semi demonstrates its quiet operation while sporting full wind deflector setup

While performing road tests around the Fremont Factory, Tesla’s modified Semi prototype was spotted with a full wind deflector setup. Videos of the huge vehicle show how deafeningly quiet the Tesla Semi can be when it’s running.

The new Tesla Semi concept, with its wind deflector attached, appeared to be a vehicle that is rapidly approaching production. The Semi’s revised design, which includes larger windows, new tail lights, door handles, and a redesigned system for its equipment at the back, exemplified this. These improvements were first noticed when photographs and videos of the modified Tesla Semi prototypes were posted online in February.

The massive vehicle’s noise, or lack thereof, was especially noticeable in the recent Semi sighting. The all-electric Class 8 truck made very little noise as it went by, according to video taken near it. Given the size of the Semi, this was very remarkable, and it’s something that people who live along the vehicle’s routes will undoubtedly appreciate.

Other Tesla Semi videos have shown that the Class 8 vehicle can make an audible, futuristic sound, but most of those videos involved the all-electric truck accelerating quickly. If the Semi is driven at a slower speed, as seen in the recent Fremont video, it appears that the vehicle will be able to operate in complete silence.

One of the Tesla Semi’s most under appreciated features is its quiet nature. After all, conventional diesel and gasoline-powered semi trucks produce significant noise pollution. Residents in areas like New Castle, Delaware, and High Bridge, New Jersey, in the United States alone, have filed formal reports in the past about the large vehicles’ noise. For a truck like the Tesla Semi, such problems are unlikely to arise.

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