Tesla Semi with unique rear configuration and new design seen in Tahoe

It appears that Tesla has created another unit of its modified Tesla Semi, recently spotted in Tahoe with one of the Class 8 trucks, seemingly on its way back to the Bay Area. Like the previous sightings of the upgraded truck, the Semi had some interesting features, including some unusual rear-facing equipment that was not present in the other two recently observed.

Late last year, reports emerged claiming that four new Tesla Semi units are being built by the EV manufacturer, with two being used for road testing, one being used for cold-weather testing, and another being used for durability testing. Sure enough, a white Tesla Semi with new windows, door handles, and tail lights was spotted in Sacramento earlier this month. The car looked sophisticated, and it seemed like it was about ready to enter production.

Credit: Tesla Owners NorCal-Reno/Twitter

In Chicago, IL, a second, road-weary Semi with upgraded features was soon seen. While the vehicle in the Sacramento sighting was the same color as the Semi, and while both trucks were fitted with silver wheels, the equipment on their rear and the type of tires they had were distinct. The Semi spotted in Sacramento featured a very large, mysterious box also connected to many data cables, while there was no such equipment in the vehicle in Chicago. The semi spotted in Tahoe, for its part, also had some distinctive features.

The vehicle’s wheels, which were painted back, were instantly visible from the Tesla Semi in Tahoe. The rear of the vehicle also had a slightly different configuration than the first two, with a hefty box fitted to one side of the truck. Overall, the Semi seemed to have been newly manufactured, sparking speculation among the electric vehicle community that the truck was the third of the four new prototypes announced in late 2020.

Latest rumors have pointed to the possibility of the Tesla Semi entering limited production this year, with unnamed sources familiar with the plans of the electric car manufacturer saying that around May 2021, the company plans to start building release candidates. It is also rumored that pilot development of the vehicle would begin around July 2021. Tesla is reportedly looking to produce about 100 semi-finished units per week by the end of the year, enabling the EV manufacturer to end the year with a total of 2,500 units completed.

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