Tesla Semi initial production ramp is seeing some momentum

Little by little, Tesla seems to be catching its rhythm with the initial production of the Semi. This was hinted at in sightings of the Class 8 all-electric truck at Tesla’s pilot production site near Gigafactory Nevada. 

The Tesla Semi is arguably one of the electric vehicle maker’s most important products. As highlighted by Elon Musk during the announcement of Gigafactory Nevada’s expansion, semi trucks only account for around 1% of vehicles on the road, but they are responsible for about 20% of vehicle emissions. 

The Tesla Semi aims to drastically lower that number. But to accomplish this, Tesla needs to produce the Semi en masse. The company plans to do this with the expansion of Gigafactory Nevada, but before that is built, Tesla would need to iron out the kinks in the Class 8 all-electric truck’s initial production. 

Fortunately, sightings from the EV community suggest that the Tesla Semi’s initial production is going relatively smoothly. Tesla enthusiast @HinrichsZane, who has been observing Tesla’s pilot production facility for the Semi, recently shared on Twitter that he has now observed about 38 of the all-electric trucks from the facility. 

As per a MotorTrend report, PepsiCo has accepted 15 new Tesla Semi trucks as of January 2023, though more of the vehicles are expected to be delivered in the near future. Back in December, reports also emerged stating that PepsiCo is looking to roll out 100 Tesla Semi units in 2023. The comments were shared by PepsiCo Vice President Mike O’Connell in an interview with Reuters

The Tesla Semi is a beast of an electric vehicle, with photos taken of the Class 8 all-electric truck’s pilot production line showing that the truck utilizes a 1000-volt battery pack. Based on previous comments from company executives, Tesla Semi units today do not use the company’s 4680 battery cells yet, though with the buildout of Gigafactory Nevada’s expansion, the vehicle would likely be transitioned to the new battery form factor. 

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