Elon Musk confirms major Tesla Santa Monica Supercharger: 50’s-style diner, drive-in movie clips

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed earlier today that the City of Santa Monica would be the location of a new Supercharger location. The fresh Supercharger may include a 50’s Diner and clips from the 100 best movies of all-time, Musk added.

For several years, Musk has joked about the possibility of a retro Supercharger facility in Los Angeles. In early 2018, Musk teased the idea of a Supercharger that would bring back the feel of the ’50s. A drive-in, a rollerskating rink, and a diner would dominate the new location: futuristic vehicles with a retro-themed environment. The project started to move forward after documents revealed a building permit for the site. However, it never gained enough momentum, and the project never amounted to anything.

The plan never really panned out too much, unfortunately. That is until recently when documents revealed that Tesla was applying for a new V3 Supercharger facility in Santa Monica. It would be the world’s largest V3 Supercharger facility, with 62 total stalls being available for electric vehicles to recharge, along with their owners and passengers. Recently, the Supercharger project was approved but then was put on delay for a short period when the Los Angeles housing crisis took priority. However, Santa Monica City Council members decided that the location of the proposed Supercharger location was not ultimately suitable for an affordable housing facility, which brought momentum back to Tesla’s proposed Supercharger lot.

Now, Musk has all but confirmed that a “major new Supercharger station” is coming to Santa Monica. He hinted toward the throwback-themed Supercharger plans could become a reality, as he is hoping to include a “50’s Diner and 100 best movie clips playing too!”

The idea is just one of many astronomical ideas set forth by Elon Musk. In typical Tesla fashion, the project will be anything but straightforward. The experience of owning a Tesla is unlike that of any other car brand, and because of the company’s unorthodox approach to attracting customers, there is no denying the fact that this could ultimately come to fruition in the future.

The plan for the Santa Monica Supercharger site is available below. However, Musk and Tesla have not confirmed whether this will ultimately be the site of the new facility. With that being said, it is likely that this will be the location of the Supercharger station that Musk talked about, as it is the only currently available plan on Santa Monica’s website or you can view it here.

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