Tesla’s vehicle delivery numbers from China in March are insane

Tesla’s numbers from China last month have been reported, and they are nothing short of insane. Based on data from the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla’s local vehicle deliveries for the month of March stood at an impressive 35,478 units, comprised of 25,327 Model 3s and 10,151 Model Ys. 

With such numbers, Tesla has effectively posted a 93.69% month-over-month sequential growth, considering that it sold 18,318 vehicles in February. The March delivery numbers look even more impressive if one compares them to Tesla China’s January figures, where the company only delivered 15,484 vehicles during the month. 

Granted, a good part of the reason behind Tesla China’s stellar figures in March is the fact that Gigafactory Shanghai did not export vehicles to other territories such as Europe. Even if Tesla China exported cars to Europe last month, however, March’s results would still be record-setting. In January, for example, Tesla was only able to post 15,484 vehicle sales in China because Gigafactory Shanghai sent over almost 8,000 cars to foreign territories. 

What is rather remarkable is the fact that Tesla China is not even fully ramped yet. The Model Y line in Gigafactory Shanghai’s Phase 2 area is still being ramped, and the Model 3 factory still has some ways to go before it is fully optimized. It would not be surprising then if Gigafactory Shanghai ends up delivering even more Model 3s and Model Ys to the local and foreign markets in the coming months. 

Tesla China may be covering a lot of ground in the local market, but the company is still only getting started. Apart from the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla China is also expected to create and produce a $25,000 car specifically designed for the local market. This vehicle, at least according to Tesla China President Tom Zhu noted in an interview with state media, would likely be exported to other countries in the future as well. 

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