Tesla Roadster Trio in China gets new high bid, and new details

The trio of Tesla roadsters that were abandoned and located in storage in China has received a new high bid as the current seller looks to close the auction in just one day.

However, some additional details regarding the three vehicles have been uncovered by Gruber Motors, the company that is responsible for handling the bids for the ultra-rare cars.

Yesterday, a bidder topped the $750,000 high by offering $800,000 for all three vehicles that were located in storage in China. The trio of Roadsters we’re set to be delivered to a research and development center for a Chinese automotive company.

However, new details uncovered by Gruber reveal that the company went bankrupt before it could assumptively reverse engineer the three early model electric vehicles.

Gruber writes:

“The original purchaser was an R&D center for a Chinese auto company, that subsequently went bankrupt, and the assumption is these were purchased for reverse engineering to be disassembled.  In 2010, the Tesla Roadster was after all a state-of-the-art EV, before the Model S even came out, and would have been of enormous value to an emerging EV company.”

As of yesterday, two crates that came with the cars have already been opened and are having their contents examined. Gruber notes that there are bubble-wrapped items within the contents of the packaging that reference a missing VIN of 1185.

The crates contained large parts such as wheels and tires, complete door assemblies, headlight assemblies, and “many other small body trim parts, not yet unwrapped.”

Additionally, the keys for the three Roadsters that are fully assembled and are located in storage were held by a manager who had passed away, and they cannot be currently located. Whoever wins the bidding war for the three Roadsters will have the keys replenished by the seller.

Shipping information seen by Gruber shows that all for Tesla VINs, including the three assembled 1107, 1120, and 1146, along with the missing 1185, we’re set to be delivered by the now-defunct Chinese automotive company.

With bidding moving toward $1 million for the trio and disassembled fourth vehicle, there is still one more day for a prospective buyer to top the $800,000 currently-winning bid.

Gruber has gained a reputation for having some of the best OG Roadsters for prospective buyers.

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