Tesla Plans to Introduce Rental Program in Texas

Key Points

  • 🚗 Tesla is planning to launch a rental program in Texas through a small pilot program.
  • 🏢 They are seeking a Program Manager in Business Development for this initiative.
  • 🛫 The program could be launched at airports for Tesla employees and potentially expand beyond.
  • 🤝 Tesla’s partnership with Hertz might have influenced this move, aiming to increase exposure and drive experiences.
  • 💼 The job posting also involves responsibilities related to glass repair optimization and new business development projects.

Tesla is preparing to venture into the rental sector through a limited-scale pilot initiative in Texas, as indicated by recent job postings.

The company is actively seeking a Program Manager for Business Development, based at its headquarters in Austin, Texas. The job description’s particulars strongly suggest that Tesla is moving towards the implementation of its rental program, likely catering to individuals who have experienced accidents.

The responsibilities outlined in the job description entail overseeing the initiation of the Tesla Rental Program in Texas and providing assistance to the team in launching a compact pilot program across all collision sites in the state.

Furthermore, the job listing explicitly mentions the intention to roll out the new program at “various airports for the Tesla employee pilot.”

Rental initiatives are particularly sought-after at airports, given that travelers often require local transportation upon arrival.

Although Tesla has already established a partnership with Hertz, a company renowned for its airport-based rental programs, the automaker might be contemplating an expansion of its rental footprint. Enhanced exposure to Tesla vehicles through rentals can enhance the appeal of the unique driving experience they offer, ultimately benefiting the brand.

The posting is focused on both collision and rentals, as “Glass Repair Optimization” and “Supporting all new business development projects and launches” are also main parts of the job:

Glass Repair Optimization –

  • Assist in leading the process improvements to reduce repair time for all glass repairs in collision
  • Develop best practices and standardize tooling to launch short term improvements
  • Support long term vision for all Texas sites to include automation cells

Supporting all new business development projects and launches –

  • Ready to support any new project that will provide cost saving benefits to the collision team.
  • Lead business cases and thorough analysis ahead of any new project
  • Launch small pilots to determine feasibility
  • Lead past pilots for all Texas sites until each site is up and running with all resources required

Plenty more business practices outside of the new rental program could come from this position.

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