Tesla initiates recall for the Semi, issue to be fixed through OTA software update

A few days ago, Elon Musk mentioned that the Semi’s volume production would not hit its pace until late next year. While the slow ramp of the all-electric Class 8 truck is unfortunate, it does suggest that Tesla would at least have enough time to work out any issues with the vehicles. 

Tesla does appear to be working out the Semi’s issues, as hinted at by recalls that the electric vehicle maker has initiated for the Class 8 all-electric truck so far. Back in March, Tesla initiated a recall for the Semi that’s related to the vehicle’s parking brake module. Another recall has been announced recently.

This time around, the Tesla Semi recall is focused on the vehicle’s door warning system for its rear-hinged side doors. The issue affects 36 units of the Tesla Semi, all of which are likely part of PepsiCo’s fleet. This number is also just one truck more than the 35 that were affected in March’s recall. The issue is described in the Safety Recall Report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

“For side doors like those equipped on Semi, FMVSS 206, S4.1.2.3, requires a door closure warning system that must activate a visual signal when a door latch system is not in its fully latched position and the vehicle ignition is activated. 

“Because the door closure warning system on affected vehicles activates only when the vehicle’s parking brake is not engaged, regardless of its ‘ignition’ status, and because the operator of certain affected vehicles may dismiss the notification from the door closure warning system, affected vehicles do not comply with FMVSS 206, S4.1.2.3,” the Safety Recall Report read. 

The issue with the Semi’s door could result in drivers potentially operating the Class 8 all-electric truck with an open side door. This is a safety risk, though the Safety Recall Report noted that Tesla is not aware of any crashes, injuries, or fatalities related to the issue. Similar to most Tesla recalls, the Semi’s recent recall is also addressed through an over-the-air software update.

The Tesla Semi’s recent recall report can be viewed below.

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