Tesla is looking to grow its headcount in nearly every division of the company

Elon Musk may have expressed concerns about the US economy earlier this year, but according to job listings on Tesla’s website, the most valuable automaker in the world is now trying to grow its headcount in nearly every division of the company.

Back in June, Musk noted that he had a “super bad “feeling about the economy. Tesla then went and initiated optimization efforts on its workforce, resulting in some layoffs. Musk later tweeted that despite these efforts, Tesla’s overall headcount should rise over the following 12 months.

Since the middle of June, when Reuters started tracking Tesla job listings, the electric vehicle maker has added about 50% more jobs to its Careers page. This past week alone, Tesla’s total job listings on its Careers page totaled over 6,900. This is close to the 2022 peak of over 7,400 job listings from May. Tesla’s job openings saw a steep dive in June and July as the company optimized its workforce. 

Since July, however, job listings for Engineering & Information Technology, Vehicle Service, and Manufacturing saw a massive resurgence, accounting for the vast majority of openings across 17 categories in Tesla’s Careers page. Vehicle Service alone saw a jump of over 40% to over 1,600 listings this week. Manufacturing jobs, on the other hand, saw a 20% rise from June to October.

Interestingly enough, openings for Solar, Energy, Charging, and Sales-related jobs increased more quickly than those for Manufacturing, with postings in the Energy – Solar & Storage and Charging categories growing 3x since late June. Job listings for Autopilot and Robotics almost doubled this week as well after hitting a relatively low point in July. This seems to be in line with the company’s efforts in its Full Self-Driving and Optimus programs

So far, Tesla’s massive hiring spree appears to be focused on the United States, with about 75% of the job openings on the company’s Careers website representing US-based positions. However, a generous number of openings are also available in Germany, where Giga Berlin is located, and Canada, which is rumored to be the site of a new facility. Tesla China also has over 200 job openings on its own website.

Tesla’s mass hiring initiative comes as other automakers adopt a rather conservative stance on their workforce. It should be noted that almost 90% of global CEOs surveyed by KPMG anticipate a recession over the next 12 months, with nearly half considering employment cuts in their respective companies. 

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