Tesla brings Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red Model Y to Giga Texas ahead of Investor Day

Tesla appears to be displaying its latest innovations at the upcoming Investor Day event in Gigafactory Texas. As could be seen in recent footage taken of the facility, the electric vehicle maker will be displaying a Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red Model Y at the event. 

The vehicles were spotted in a drone flyover from Giga Texas watcher Brad Sloan, who captured footage of the complex on February 28, 2023. The facility seems quite busy during the flyover. Its parking lot is full of vehicles and activities can be seen around the site. 

Perhaps the most eye-catching segment in the video, however, was the Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red Model Y being displayed. As noted by EV watchers and members of the Tesla community, the two Model Y colors are extremely eye-catching. 

The presence of a Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red Model Y at Giga Texas ahead of Investor Day bodes well for the facility. So far, the two colors are only available in vehicles produced at Gigafactory Berlin, since the facility is equipped with the company’s most advanced paint shop. 

Considering that Giga Texas is Tesla’s newest factory so far, one could infer that it is also equipped with a paint shop that’s comparable — if not better — than Giga Berlin. It would then not be surprising if Giga Texas eventually offers unique color options such as Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red in the future. 

Depending on how well Giga Texas’ paint shop has been ramped, there may be a chance that the two uniquely-painted Model Y units in the recent flyover were produced at the facility. If this was the case, Model Y demand in the United States would likely see an even more notable ramp. 

As noted by the company when it launched the two new colors in Giga Berlin last year, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red are made possible only through Tesla’s most advanced paint shop, which allows up to 13 layers for depth and dimension. The colors are made from highly-pigmented paint that’s designed to change depending on the viewing angle and light. 

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