Tesla pure vision Autopilot to increase maximum speed to 80 mph

Tesla’s pure vision Autopilot is poised to receive a significant update, with CEO Elon Musk stating that the radar-less variant of the EV maker’s driver-assist suite would soon have a maximum speed of 80 mph. This should allow pure vision Autopilot to provide a more natural driving experience to its users, particularly in freeways. 

Musk’s update came as a response to a post from Tesla owner and YouTube host Dirty Tesla, who recently took delivery of a pure vision Model Y. Having extensively driven a Model 3, the YouTube host was able to approach and evaluate his Model Y’s pure vision Autopilot from a place of experience. 

In his post, the Tesla owner stated that after 500 miles or so of pure vision Autopilot, it seems like the company’s camera-only system is up to the task. However, he did note that it would be better if Autopilot’s new iteration were not limited to 75 mph. Musk responded to the Tesla owner’s tweet, stating that a production release update for pure vision Autopilot is coming this week, and it would include a maximum speed bump to 80 mph. 

Musk also noted that pure vision Autopilot’s 75 mph maximum speed was only rolled out as a precautionary measure. However, the measure turned out to be unnecessary. “Production release update coming this week, which includes raising max speed to 80 mph. Sorry, 75 mph limit was done as precautionary measure. Turned out to be unnecessary,” Musk wrote. 

Tesla’s decision to remove radar from its vehicles’ Autopilot sensors was a controversial decision that caught criticism even among the company’s most ardent supporters. Yet since the system’s initial rollout to new Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, it appears that pure vision Autopilot is working just as well, if not slightly better, than its radar and camera-based predecessor. With more data coming from the company’s ever-growing fleet, Tesla’s pure vision Autopilot would likely become ubiquitous sooner than expected. 

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