Tesla’s Powerwall and Solar technology helps a 116 year old bakery

Key Points

  • 🍰 A 116-year-old bakery in Germany, Bakery Lüttel, was assisted by Tesla’s Solar & Powerwall study to survive.
  • ☀️ To address high energy costs, the bakery installed combined heat-and-power plants, solar panels, and Tesla Powerwall.
  • 🏭 Tesla’s case study showed Bakery Lüttel’s journey from consuming 180,000 kWh to adopting solar panels and Powerwall.
  • 🔌 The bakery transitioned to electric ovens, reducing electricity bills and gas consumption by 50%.
  • 🔋 Bakery Lüttel now has three Tesla Powerwall units, charged daily via solar panels and CHP units.
  • 🚗 The bakery offers Wall Connectors to share electricity with customers for charging electric vehicles.

Tesla recently provided insights into a Solar & Powerwall project that played a pivotal role in sustaining a 116-year-old German bakery. The story was highlighted through a brief video posted by Tesla Energy on X, focusing on Bakery Lüttel in Lingen, Germany. The post shed light on Bakery Lüttel’s journey in adopting Tesla Solar & Powerwall technology to secure its future.

The bakery’s narrative portrayed a critical point in its history where closure seemed imminent due to soaring energy costs. To counter this challenge, Bakery Lüttel turned to innovative solutions, including the integration of combined heat-and-power plants, solar panels, and Tesla Powerwall.

The transformation of Bakery Lüttel into a Tesla Powerwall and solar panel success story earned it recognition as a case study by the Elon Musk-led company. Prior to implementing the Powerwall and solar panels, the bakery consumed a substantial 180,000 kWh in 2000. Seeking a resolution to its escalating energy demands, Lüttel initiated its journey with the installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) unit system. This system generated heat, with surplus energy being harnessed as electricity. The CHP unit system facilitated an interconnected heating network that benefited various appliances requiring heat or water within the bakery.

In 2013, Bakery Lüttel took a significant step by installing a 58 kWp solar panel and Powerwall system. This transition was coupled with a shift from gas-powered to electric ovens. The new energy infrastructure resulted in a substantial 50% reduction in both electricity expenses and gas consumption for the bakery. As of the present, Bakery Lüttel operates with three Tesla Powerwall units, each with a capacity of 40.5 kWh. These Powerwalls are recharged daily through a combination of solar panels and the CHP units.

Moreover, Bakery Lüttel embraced a community-oriented approach by offering Wall Connectors to facilitate the charging of electric vehicles for its customers. With future plans to expand its Tesla Powerwall installation, the bakery’s journey showcases how Tesla’s energy solutions can contribute to the sustainability and growth of traditional businesses, even ones with deep-rooted histories.

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